Property Law


Whether you are a local council, an experienced property developer or a first home buyer at Schmidt-Liermann Lawyers we can provide the necessary legal advice and support that allows you to manage your property transactions with confidence.
 We will:

  • prepare or assist you in negotiating the terms of the contract for the sale of land (including strata and stratum titles)
  • deal with financiers
  • carry out the necessary searches and make the appropriate property inquiries
  • attend to the settlement of your sale or purchase

 We can offer you the additional security of protecting you against risks that can threaten the ownership of your property with First Title Insurance.


We have the legal expertise to assist you in developing your land. Whether you are subdividing or intending to undertake a major development such as the construction of new high rise buildings, we can help. We understand the myriad of legal issues that you will face; the preparation and lodgement of your development application, its subsequent assessment and the eventual sale of individual lots. We can prepare the necessary documentation and dealings including s88B Instruments, positive and restrictive covenants, easements and caveats. We have the inside knowledge and experience of local government and planning law to allow us to effectively negotiate with government departments, local councils and state owned corporations, such as Sydney Water, to ensure that you achieve your development goals.


You can count on our knowledge and experience in:

  • commercial and retail leases
  • telecommunications leases
  • leases of crown land
  • maritime leases
  • licenses to use land for a variety of purposes, whether this be for commercial uses , community use or agricultural purposes

 to ensure that you are able to negotiate fair lease/licence terms that meet your specific requirements and circumstances either as Lessor/Licensor or as a prospective Lessee/Licensee.