Working with Businesses

Whether you are a CEO, director, board member, business partner or a sole trader, the success of your business relies not only on your hard work but also on the sound, timely and competent advice of your most trusted advisors.

At Schmidt Liermann Lawyers we pride ourselves on getting to know your business and the unique and challenging environment within which it operates in order to ensure that our legal advice is always pragmatic.  Our job is simply to ensure that we place your business in the most advantageous position having regard for the applicable legal constraints and commercial environment within which you are required to operate.

We can assist you across all of our Service Areas:

  • to negotiate commercial contracts and agreements where your transactional risks are minimised
  • to resolve disputes and documenting terms of settlement and release
  • with employment issues
  • advising on business structures and acquisitions
  • advising on industry specific rules and regulations
  • in dealing with government departments
  • in recovering outstanding debts
  • through strong advocacy in the courts

At Schmidt-Liermann Lawyers our business clients consider us to be their partners in business, confidants and trusted advisors.