Litigation Practice

Schmidt-Liermann Lawyers appreciate that there are times when disputes cannot be resolved either between the parties themselves or through alternative dispute resolution methods and where matters in dispute need to be determined before an independent tribunal of fact.  Our role is to advise you on the best possible strategy to secure the outcome that you are fairly and legally entitled to  and to then offer the strongest representation and advocacy in order to secure that outcome.

At Schmidt-Liermann Lawyers we offer both experience and knowledge in commercial mediation and in litigation.

Whilst recourse to litigation is, in most instances, a course of action of last resort, when it does become necessary to litigate in order to protect your interests you need the reassurance that your lawyer is in a position to offer sound advice and strong and effective legal representation and advocacy whether you are prosecuting your matter or defending proceedings.

At Schmidt-Liermann Lawyers we have experience in preparing applications for and appearing in:

  • the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal
  • the Local Court
  • the District Court
  • the Land & Environment Court
  • the Supreme Court

Our Litigation Experience

We have experience in: 

  • civil litigation
  • consumer law
  • planning law
  • insolvency
  • contract law
  • building and construction disputes
  • debt recovery