Portrait Joerg Schmidt-Liermann

Joerg Schmidt-Liermann (B. Fin. Admin, LLB, GDLP)

Joerg is the Managing Principal of our firm. When you deal with us - you are dealing with him directly.

As a trusted legal advisor, Joerg offers his clients a pragmatic, commercially focused and solutions oriented legal service.

Joerg is more than just a good lawyer with an eye for detail. What sets him apart is his unparalled commitment to his clients and the ability to achieve results for them. Through the application of his knowledge and skills, coupled with a real appreciation for what really matters to his clients, Joerg can achieve favourable legal outcomes for you.

Joerg makes it his business to get to know you, to listen to your concerns and to identify solutions that fit your particular circumstances.

Joerg has had extensive experience working in both the public and private sector, having advised and acted for councils and state government agencies, businesses in manufacturing, primary production, waste management, distribution and medical services as well as working with property developers and representing private clients.

Joerg can be contacted at [E-Mail via form]