Working with Developers

Astute developers appreciate the value of good legal advice and timely representation when it comes to getting their DA across the line with their local council.  The last thing any developer needs are unnecessary delays leading to costly budget blowouts to their project. Our knowledge and experience in planning and property law  allows us to provide our developer clients with strong and effective legal representation when it matters most.

We can support you in a number of ways:

  • advising you on issues relating to your DA with Council prior to lodgement
  • preparing written submissions  to council
  • making oral submissions at a public forum of an ordinary meeting of a council
  • lodging a s82A review application with Council
  • commencing and acting for you in Class 1 proceedings in the Land and Environment Court because a DA or s96 Modification application has been refused or resulted in the imposition of unreasonable conditions or where council delays have resulted in a deemed refusal  of your DA

At Schmidt-Liermann Lawyers we have the experience and knowledge of  local government, environmental, planning, property and commercial law to be able to advise you on both the substantive and procedural legal issues that may arise in connection with your proposed development. We appreciate the challenges posed by a highly regulated legal environment where striking the right balance between competing public and private interests can sometimes be difficult  to achieve or to explain to the relevant consent authority and where strong advocacy and an understanding of the law can be the difference between success or costly failure.