Planning and Environmental Law

Planning & Environment Law & Practice

Schmidt-Liermann Lawyers is experienced in advising local government authorities, developers,  businesses and land owners on the legal and regulatory framework governing Planning and Environmental Law in NSW.

We have the knowledge and necessary experience to assist our clients in understanding their respective rights and obligations in connection with:

  • preparing and lodging development applications
  • the assessment and approval of developments
  • appealing the decisions of consent authorities
  • drafting and responding to Orders and Notices of Intention to issue Orders
  • negotiating complex voluntary planning agreements
  • drafting and enforcing of consent conditions
  • negotiating EPA licences for Scheduled Activities
  • responding to environmental show cause notices

Our Work

Some examples of our transaction work in this area include:

  • drafting applications to the L&E Court
  • negotiating and drafting voluntary planning agreements
  • drafting Orders
  • preparing development applications
  • preparing legal advices in support of planning proposals
  • successfully lobbying and writing submission to the Minister for Planning and Environment opposing the making of Planning Instruments

Court Advocacy and Negotiations

Schmidt-Liermann Lawyers have:

  • acted for a major property developer in relation to complex contract renegotiations involving the staged purchase of a significant area of land from the State Government including providing advice and negotiating on behalf of the developer in relation of breach of contract matters, settling contract disputes and  preparing variations of contracts
  • acted for a metropolitan council in negotiating a complex series of VPA's involving contributions in excess of $50M
  • acted for a metropolitan council in defending a Class 2 application before the L&E Court opposing the declaration of a public road
  • acted for a public trust in negotiations with a council and the Department of Environment and Planning in respect of a range of Development Consent issues and conditions to allow the staging of a series of non-sporting events at a Sports Stadium, including providing detailed advice on the operation of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1997, and Local Government Act 1993 resulting in the overturning of the original council decision by the Department of Planning.
  • acted for a number of private clients in Class 1 proceedings before the L&E Court successfully overturning council decisions to refuse development consent, deemed refusal and negotiating s34 Agreements