Working with Councils

Schmidt-Liermann Lawyers understand both the legal environment and the political dynamic within which councils:

  • make their decisions
  • exercise their legal rights and obligations
  • deliver services
  • exercises their functions

as a bodies politic; as a public authorities; as a consent authorities; as regulatory authorities; as strategic planning bodies; as  landowners; as employers and as a principals under various contracts.

We understand the legal framework regulating the delivery of council services and the exercise of their regulatory functions under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1993 and Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979.

As panel solicitors for a number of NSW councils, Schmidt-Liermann Lawyers has had the opportunity of providing thousands of hours of advice to both metropolitan Sydney and regional NSW councils across a broad range of commercial, property, planning and local government specific issues.

Schmidt-Liermann Lawyers understands the challenges facing council officers in the discharge of their roles and responsibilities and works collaboratively with our instructing officers in ensuring that they have the necessary assistance and legal advice required to effectively and efficiently implement council decisions.